Hill Hotel, a four-star object, by its high-class category and standard offers a high-rank service.

Except for the usual service of accommodation and food, numerous extra facilities within the hotel demand more thorough explanation of services to potential consumers.

Spa and wellness center, aside from using the sauna, Jacuzzi and tepidarium, gives the option of scheduling a massage in the section of the center equipped for it.
In the fitness center, it is possible to arrange a professional supervision of the trainer for working in groups and at appointed terms, as well as individual use of exercise machines.

Well equipped conference hall gives the possibility of arranging wide range of services within the congress tourism. The organization of conferences can be accompanied with accommodation and food, or it can be arranged only to use the hall with one or more “coffee breaks” that include the consummation of prearranged food and beverages served at the bar.

Parking space within the hotel complex is at the service primarily for the users of the rooms and suites, but it is available if needed for the other guests. This also applies to parking spaces at the front of the hotel entrance to the Piazzetta. It is convenience of the Hill Hotel that it is surrounded by a large number of public parking of large capacity.

The service of using the internet is quality and enabled in many ways. Each part of the complex is very well covered by wireless internet access starting from rooms, hallways, restaurant, wellness center, conference and other halls, up to the square with separate restaurants that are part of the hotel. The rooms, as well as the conference hall, are provided with classical wired LAN access, and cables can be received by request at the reception. There is also an internet café equipped with a headset for using Skype and similar internet communication applications. Some suites have a computer with a remote keyboard and a mouse as standard equipment, and any other guest can get it by request, with the technical assistance from an authorized person.

Special facility of the hotel is a large green space next to the hotel that is fenced and protected from the view by plantings of thuja, which allows organizing weddings and other outdoor parties, with the full service, even with the reservation of indoor space in case of rain and bad weather.

Particularly nice is the story about the organization of content consumption both inside the hotel and in the restaurants located on the square outside of the hotel that have their own summer garden tables on the square, on the gallery above the square, and the garden of the pizza shop at the back of the complex, which has a beautiful view of the famous Aqua Park which it borders on.

No matter where you are, you can order from every part of the complex, and it will all be charged in one account, including paying with any credit card. Special exclusiveness is that hotel’s guests can use their room card as means of payment in every part of the hotel, thus directing the payment to the reception account.

It is possible to arrange for transportation from the nearest airports, organizing sightseeing, organizing fishing and hunting as well as organizing the service made especially for you in consultation with the management of the hotel.

Concierge services, quality, facilities and the location of the HillHotel enable extra, specific services that will make the stay for our guests even more pleasant and fulfilled. In consultation with our professional staff, together we can develop and realize your ideas and requests.


Package arrangements

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